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EUR 500 million in green bonds supports the green transition in Denmark

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EUR 500 million in green bonds supports the green transition in Denmark

For the fourth time since 2017, KommuneKredit is issuing green bonds. This time the Danish credit association issues bonds in the amount of EUR 500 million with a term to maturity of 20 years. The funds from the green bonds, which are bought by investors from all over the world, support the financing of local green transition in Denmark.

For more than 120 years, KommuneKredit has been a link between global funding and local lending in Denmark. We have helped support the development of what is known as the Danish welfare society: from the building of schools, institutions and eldercare facilities to infrastructure, hospitals and utilities and currently also the green transition.

With the new issue, KommuneKredit continues the strategy of strengthening our presence as a green and sustainable bond issuer in order to support the green ambitions of the Danish local communities.

“We are determined to move forward with our sustainable financing. I am pleased that – thanks to our attractive financing – we are continuing to support the ambitious work of municipalities and regions to ensure the green transition,” says Jens Lundager, CEO of KommuneKredit.

Green loans for more than DKK 22 billion

One of the cornerstones of KommuneKredit's business is social responsibility, and it is only natural for the company to support the ambitions of the outside world when it comes to green transition.

Since 2017, KommuneKredit's Green Committee has approved a total of 410 green loans worth DKK 22.4 billion. The green loans support sustainable projects in Danish local communities, such as energy renovation of buildings in the Municipality of Hvidovre just outside Copenhagen, a new hybrid ferry between Thyborøn and Agger in the north of Jutland and a new sustainable waterworks in the suburb Snekkersten in the north of Zealand.

Integrating sustainability into the core business

Investors all over the world are looking for more opportunities for sustainable investments and show an increasing interest in green bonds. At the same time, they prioritize that we as issuers have a strong profile in sustainability.

As part of the Transformation programme - implemented in the Spring of 2020 – it is KommuneKredit’s ambition to imbed sustainability in the core of our business.


KommuneKredit is an association, whose purpose is to provide lending to municipalities and regions and companies with a 100% municipal guarantee.

The association is the municipalities and regions own credit institution and exist solely for our clients.

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Jens Lundager

Jens Lundager

Press contact CEO +45 3369 7622

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